Your Retirement, Your Way

How to Plan Your Retirement Without A Financial Planner or Adviser

Plan Your Own Retirement

We know that one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Investment Industry is Financial Planners or Advisors.  A substantial portion of your investment return goes to pay for their salaries, bonuses and overseas trips.  You can plan your own retirement.  Its not a myth or even difficult maths.  Your Retirement, Your Way is a simple book that empowers you with the knowledge that a Planner/Advisor would charge you money for.  Even if you don’t want to plan your own retirement, read this book to gain a better view of what the Investment Industry is and how you can benefit.

About the Author

Murray Priestley has 28 years of commercial and asset management experience having served in board, CEO and senior executive positions with a number of global public and private companies.

Annan River is a multi-channel e-commerce & technology management firm, that delivers quality products at affordable prices through the brand By using our innovative strategies to utilise third party platforms we are able to scale and launch multiple brands across multiple niches rapidly to take advantage of the latest trends and market conditions.  Annan is private equity backed.

Murray founded, älpha Holdings, a Hong Kong based firm that develops technology solutions for fund/investment managers.  älpha also is investment manager for a number of SMA under a license in Singapore.

Before älpha, Murray was with Portofino Asset Management.  Prior to that, Murray was CEO of Lifestyle Asset Management and was Head of Projects for Korea First Bank, as part of the Texas Pacific Group buyout.  Murray was a senior executive with EDS, which managed the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and Bank of Queensland’s IT operations.

Murray has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering & Computer Science from Monash University.  Murray has lived and worked in over 9 countries.